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We are a unique, well crafted financial services institution running as a multipurpose cooperative society holding members hands as we cross over to sustainable wealth creation.

We are determined to make, to create wealth and help our members become financially self-reliant.

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Save money with the Cooperative for a particular period in time and at a specified interest rate.

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Send and receive funds to and from anywhere in the universe with 9Mile-Payment.

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Becoming a member of 9Mile MPCS gives you access to our professional products and services without hindrances or restrictions. Do you want to start enjoying what our hundreds of members are enjoying already?

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We Are 9Mile MPCS

We are a member-driven multipurpose cooperative society, social business network, clothed with the eyes of an eagle for the sole aim of fostering connectivity between individuals and SMEs cutting across diverse value-chains in a way of generating importance, endorsing sustainable individual wealth and inspiring ground-breaking improvement of members in our Cooperative Society.

  • We create confidence in our members.
  • We give unwavering reliability to our members.
  • We offer the best practices and expertise to support our members.
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Our Happy Members

Becoming a member of 9Mile MPCS, I have experienced increase in my saving ability as I have made it mandatory to save with 9Mile every month and this has helped me to be financially stable.

Prof. Dennis Ikpe

Member, 9Mile MPCS

I want to use this medium to testify of how I have benefited from 9mile in the area of savings. Initially when I was battling with my business looking for a way to expand my poultry business, I was looking for a way to get loan but non was coming not until my friend introduced 9mile to me. I started saving with them after which I applied for a loan that was granted to me. Now I have a bigger farm and still saving with 9mile.

Uchenna Nmeregini

Member, 9Mile MPCS

Thank God for coming across 9Mile MPCS. They gave me hope when it seems all hope were lost, they helped me out with a loan when i needed it urgently. They didn't just gave me the loan, a life was saved. 9Mile is so reliable and I thank God Almighty for coming across this Cooperative Society.

Mrs Okpara Mary Kalu

Member, 9Mile MPCS

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have answered most of the questions you might want to ask in our FAQ section.

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