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Most Frequent Asked Questions And Answers

  • Who Can Become 9Mile MPCS Member?

    Anyone interested in wealth creation and ready to help other members to create financial sustainability can become 9Mile MPCS member. All you need is to signup here. You need an existing member as Guarantor.
  • How Does Member Benefit From Contribution?

    Members make monthly mandatory contribution and voluntary contribution. Members gain from a key component of our profit share formula. You can start your saving contribution here
  • How Can I Invest with 9Mile MPCS?

    We have different investment portfolio which our members and non members can invest in. For more information and to start investing, click here
  • Who Can Use 9Mile MPCS Remittance?

    Only our registered members can use our remittance service
  • Is 9Mile a Registered Cooperative Society?

    Yes! We a registered cooperative society under Abia State Government, Nigeria with Reg Number AB17001