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On your way to the next level, we don't want to leave anyone behind hence the reason to empower others to get light loan to power their businesses and personal needs.

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Type of Loans Available

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    Cooperative Loan

    A loan finance given to members for rent, school fees, salary advance or to solve personal challenges or emergencies.

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    Consumer Loan

    Do you want to buy personal stuff like car, houses, furniture or home appliances for a convenient life? This is the best kind of loan you need.

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    SME Loan

    Are you a small business owner and you need a loan o start your business or scale your products and services? We've got you covered with our SME loan.

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    Agribusiness Loan

    Loan service to finance Agric based startups in the agribusiness value chain ranging from livestock, crops, aggregator and machinery.

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    Credit Line

    The 9Mile Credit makes it possible for small businesses to access loan at any time they need it without any delay.It helps SME to quickly have access to funds whenever the need arises.

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    9Mile Share Loan

    At 9Mile MPCS, we run a cooperative system whereas our members give out loans from the shares each have in the society.

How to easily Access a Loan

  • Must be a Member

    To access our loan, you must be a cooperative member of the 9Mile MPCS.You can register to become a member here

  • Have a Guarantor Member

    To accessthe cooperativeloan, it is mandatory you have a member as a guarantor. You can easily access our network here

  • Apply and Access Fund

    You apply online and after your application has been verified and authenticated, your loanwill be funded into your beneficiary account number immediately without dely. You can read more here

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